We provide a range of on site services including breakdown, hose-off, machine inspection, o rings (hose & connector seals), custom kitting and monitoring.

Breakdown Service

We come to you, we remove & install. We’ve put a lot of effort into prepare for your business. We hold a wide product & equipment range to ensure we can do more on-site.

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Hose-off Service

We come to you, you remove & install. We’re aware that a lot of clients have already invested in their own labour, they don’t wish to loose money having their staff drive to a service center.

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Stock Management Service

If you want, we can manage your stock for you. We know that most sites have workers mix the stock. So we’ll sort it, then advice a list for approval to restock.

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Custom Kitting

When it comes to kitting, no-one kits like us.  Choose from our standard kit options, or alternatively let us design one for you. We offer supportive initial pricing.

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Machine Inspection Service

We’ll grade your machine and provide a report on your hoses and connectors, we’ll also quote items that are recommended for replacement.

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Leak Chasing Service

Yes that’s right..! We chase leaks. We focus on the hoses, hose connections, plus the attached o rings and seals. We use our learned skills and the rest is labour.

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O Rings (Hose & Connector Seals)

We can challenge any competitor with our stocked range!

We believe if an o ring or seal is the reason why your machine is out of service. Then that means that o ring or seal just as important as anything else! We always recommend replacing adaptor if it’s critical, but sometimes an o ring will get you back in business. Contact us for more info.

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Hose Monitoring Service X Tagging Solutions X Asset Management

We can help manage your assets.

We have options for you. We can offer RFID tags, Barcode tags and Data Matrix tags, scanned by an iPhone app or scanner tool. Also, we can offer stainless steel, metal or plastic tags. We can secure them by adhesive, epoxy, overlaminates or cablitis. All of this is software managed. Contact us for more info.

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Equipment & Bulk Products

So… You want to do it yourself! Cool, we can help.

We’re not scared of people making their own hoses. We can offer equipment & product that support your investment. We can also do crimper plus product bundles, then support you with on-going supply of our SAE matched products. Contact us for more info.

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Procurement Service

If you’re happy to upfront! We can help you save.

But if you’re happy to advance order with a deposit, we can do better again. We have over 20 years of industry experience across Australia and New Zealand, this means we’re connected. Contact us and let us talk about how we benefit your business.

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Price Challenge Service

Let us independently review your current supply arrangement.

We will access the “value” of your deal considering both the price & service aspects of your current arrangement and advice potential cost savings. This is usually independent to our other services, impartiality is key. Contact us to discuss our fees and let us know your desired outcomes.

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